Chameleon (2010, Currently Touring)

5-7 Dancers

Chameleon, our current multi-disciplinary project about global nomads uses film, spoken word, theater, photography, and dance. Chameleon explores the notions of home, cultural identity, and relationships in the context of multi-cultural and cross-cultural influences. This project is suitable for all ages and can be presented in conjunction with community arts based workshops in dance, spoken word, poetry, visual arts, jewelry design, theater, photography, and film. This project is set to tour nationally and globally in the Spring 2010, and is commissioned in part by the Arts Program at University Settlement (NYC, NY).

Maladroit (2009)

7-9 dancers, 18 minutes

Maladroit is a deliciously awkward piece that embraces the child in each of us and the awkward scenarios we encounter along the way. The word “maladroit,” meaning “inept, or an inept person,” takes on a new meaning as nine dancers mix grace and coordination with the discomfort of everyday interactions.

Salaam (2008)

8-12 dancers, 17 minutes 30 seconds.

Salaam shows courage in the face of war as a Muslim woman from a poor family is “sold” to an organization that thrives on violence. Salaam, depicting the fear and pride of women in a war-torn nation, facing extremes of emotion and brutality every day, is performed by the full cast. 

Red Satin Puppets (2007)

2 dancers, 4 minutes 30 seconds

Red Satin Puppets showcases two dancers bound to each other in a dark examination of pawn governments, blurring the line between puppet and puppeteer.