Overall this amalgamation of film and dance to portray the sense of homesickness and lack of belonging to one culture was remarkable. This piece was able to bring awareness of this topic and lifestyle to an audience with true beauty and creativity...The piece had a consistent flow between the themes in the film and the dancing on stage...It was that yearning for more that kept me wanting to watch and see if there would ever be a sense of resolution. The dancers were like feathers on the wind and I liked the dreamlike quality that I felt from it...Overall this piece was a beautiful representation of a lifestyle that is not commonly discussed or even acknowledged by most. It allowed an audience to learn about and interpret this way of life for themselves through the art of film and dance, thus leaving the audience with a unique perception of the individuals’ lives in relation to their own.”

- Victoria Dombroski, Ballet-Dance magazine

"The "video dance" by Alaine Handa, filmed at the UCLA sculpture garden, touched me with its honesty. Dancers posed and rolled around a garden pool and banister of the open air staircase like timeless nymphs and then played hide and seek around a "Monet-like" sculpture of a pregnant woman. The creativity and speaking out of the '70's and the Judson Church crew is alive and refined to gold in the new century. Alaine's other work, "Everyday," used the video as a backdrop for the dance." - Marcia Kresge,

"Alaine is an extraordinary performer and a joy to work with.  The first day Alaine came to take my class last year, I was struck by her natural ability: one’s eye goes immediately to her in a room full of dancers.  I was excited that she chose to audition for my company, and I was delighted and privileged to have her perform in my recent concert." - Sasha Soreff, Sasha Soreff Dance Theater

"Too easy... too easy! One great shoot after another! You're the bestest!" - Matthew Allen, photographer on Alaine's Make up work

"Great job today, I love your work!!! You did a beautiful job." - Adrienne Ricci, model

" Alaine is incredible to work with- you've done such a beautiful job on my face for Anna May Wong esp. my eyebrows! :)"  - Elizabeth Ahn, model

"She's a great skater and a friendly person. always met her in competitions, and she was really supportive... I was so nervous and she always made me feel better." - Juliana, figure skater

"Alaine is a beautiful dancer and she is crazy just like me. Well, alright, not quite as bad as me!" - Thea Connors, hired Alaine as her choreographer for a future project

"Alaine possesses a uniquely captivating stage presence unlike any of her

peers. She's truly a joy to watch. Her on-stage interpretations are

thoughtful and evoke youthful ebullience. As for her talents off-stage

work, her choreography evokes a broad palette of emotions, but above all

remains fun. Whether in collaboration or in the audience, I look forward to

experiencing many more of Alaine's projects in the future!"

- The Human Drum Machine, vocal performance artist

"I enjoyed working with Alaine -- she is friendly and easy to get along with. Even after the wedding, we have kept in touch (we sorta bonded after I learned that she spent some time in Indonesia and that I went to college with her cousin). Most importantly, I like the work that she does, especially with the eyes (I think she made mine look bigger!). She gives a very natural, not overly done look (but just enough of a little something so that you know this is makeup for a special day) which is exactly what I wanted since I never wear makeup. It was pretty comfortable too -- I barely remembered I had on makeup." - Rosalynn M.